Two Interns Join Curatorial and Interpretation Divisions for Summer 2013

July 18, 2013 Posted by: Bruce Spadaccini, Museum Technician

Nick & Evan preparing their upcoming exhibit.          Nick (left) and Evan (right), two high school interns, while working with the Curatorial division, will be helping to design a new exhibit for the Third Floor exhibit area here in the Park. They're plan is to feature some of the equipment used by the historic fire fighting companies employed by the Edison company as well as to highlight the Great Fire of 1914 that decimated the laboratory complex. Below you will find them describing their interests and how they came to join us!

           Hello, my name is Nicholas, and I am an intern here at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.  I am working during the summer on various projects, including working on an exhibit on the third floor of the main laboratory building. (Building Five)

            Ever since I was a young child, I have been fascinated with science, invention, and naturally, Thomas Edison.  I always read about Mr. Edison in the textbooks, and how he loved to experiment as a child, and felt that he was somebody that I could relate to.  (Apart, of course, from the fact that he was born well over one-hundred years before I was.)  I was thrilled to find out when learning about Thomas Edison that his laboratories and factories were all based in New Jersey, but was disappointed that I would have to wait for the park to re-open its doors to the public.  I did wait, and it paid off.  I spent a total of about four hours in the park on a visit with my family, and was genuinely interested with all of his inventions.

          Now, come 2013, I am a rising senior, and I am beginning to think about college, and starting my studies in higher education.  Although generally undecided, I know that at the very least I will be minoring in some form of history. 

          This spring, I learned of an opportunity to intern here at the National Park, and immediately applied for a position.  I work with both the Curatorial and Interpretation divisions here at the park, including giving tours, designing programs, and providing assistance to visitors.

          Hey everybody! My name is Evan, and I am also an intern at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Throughout the summer I will be working on many different projects in both the curatorial and interpretation divisions. Essentially, I will be working on things that hopefully, you the visitor will come see and enjoy.

          As a kid, I remember reading a biography of Thomas Edison, and I was especially interested in the fact that he never really attended a proper school. In fact, I was actually quite jealous and kept asking my mom why I had to go to school and Thomas Edison didn’t. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know was that most people back then didn’t receive more than an elementary school education.

           Although I am a little older now, I still like Thomas Edison, although for a different reason. The impact that he made on the world has forever changed it. My personal passion for history has drawn me to this park, and while here I intend to learn everything about it.

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