• Camarasus skull in the cliff face, rafters on the Green River, McKee Springs petroglyphs


    National Monument CO,UT

Hiking Trails Along Cub Creek Road

On the Utah side of the park, several trails of various lengths allow visitors to explore the scenery, geology, plant and animal life found within Dinosaur National Monument. The Fossil Discovery Trail even provides the chance to discover fossils "in the wild" just as Earl Douglass or other paleontologists may have in the past. Click on the links below to find out more information on the various trails.

Craggy white sandstone.

The Hog Canyon Trail offers close and personal views of the craggy face of Split Mountain.

NPS Photo/Mike Weinstein

Fossil Discovery Trail

Desert Voices Trail

Sound of Silence Trail

River Trail

Hog Canyon Trail

Box Canyon Trail

Did You Know?

Picture of dinosaur skull.

Dinosaurs were a remarkably successful group of animals. They lived on the Earth for 160 million years. The fossils at Dinosaur National Monument represent only 10 of the many dinosaur species that existed during that long era.