• Camarasus skull in the cliff face, rafters on the Green River, McKee Springs petroglyphs


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Gates of Lodore Trail

Gates of Lodore
Enjoying the view of the entrance to Lodore Canyon.
¾ mile one way / 1.5 mile round trip. Not a loop.
Level of Difficulty
Trailhead Location
Located at the Gates of Lodore Campground at the north end of the monument. 137 miles from the Quarry Visitor Center and 101 miles from the Canyon Visitor Center
Your Safety
Be prepared for desert hiking: Take a hat, sunscreen, and water
Let someone know where you are going and when you are due back
Wear comfortable shoes, such as hiking boots or athletic shoes
Trail Brochure
Available at the trailhead and at the monument visitor centers
Rules and Regulations
Pets are not allowed on this trail or in the monument's backcountry
Carry out all trash
Collecting artifacts, fossils, plants, or other objects is prohibited
Do not feed or approach wildlife
The trail starts with a few steps and then is a level walk above the Green River. The trail ends at a view of the entrance to Lodore Canyon. The trail does not provide access to Lodore Canyon, which is impassable on foot.
A visitor reads a trailhead sign for the Gates of Lodore trail.
A visitor reads a trailhead sign for the Gates of Lodore trail.

Did You Know?

Picture of mormon cricket perched on a blade of grass.

Mormon crickets are wingless grasshoppers that swarm across roads through the summer in the western United States. These flightless insects can form such large swarms that the road appears to move and change colors where they cross.