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Monument Fees
All monument visitors are required to purchase a recreational use pass upon entering Dinosaur National Monument.

Dinosaur National Monument participates in the congressionally authorized Federal Recreation Lands Enhancement Act. Under this program, parks keep 80% of all fees collected; the remaining 20% will be deposited in a special account to be used in parks where fees are not collected. Funds generated by the fees are used to accomplish projects the parks have been unable to fund through annual Congressional allocations. Entrance fees help support projects in the monument to improve the experience for visitors. For more information, call (435) 781-7700.

Entrance Fees (Valid for 7 consecutive days)
Interagency Access (Permanently Disabled)
See information on annual and lifetime passes below

Private Vehicle
Admits one private, non-commercial vehicle (14 passenger capacity or less) and all occupants.

Admits one individual on a private, non-commercial motorcycle. Any passengers pay the per person fee not to exceed the private vehicle fee of $10.
Per Person (Walk-in, Bicycle)
Admits one individual with no car to the monument - typically used for bicyclists and walk-ins. Youth 15 and under are admitted free.
Annual Passes
Dinosaur National Monument Annual Pass
See information on annual and lifetime passesbelow
Interagency (Multiple Federal Fee Areas)
See information on annual and lifetime passes below
Lifetime Passes (U.S. Citizens / Permanent Residents)
Interagency Senior (Age 62+)
See information on annual and lifetime passes below

Commercial Tour Fees

Commercial tour vehicle rates are based on vehicle capacity. Pass is valid for the day of purchase and the next six days for a vehicle carrying the same group of passengers.

1-6 Passenger capacity $25.00+: (minimum required fee is $25 commercial fee plus the per-person entrance fee for each passenger not to exceed $50.00)
7-15 Passenger capacity $50.00
16-25 Passenger capacity $60.00
26+ Passenger capacity $150.00

A commercial tour is defined as consisting of one or more persons traveling on an itinerary that has been packaged, priced, or sold for leisure or recreational purposes by an organization that realizes financial gain through the provision of the service. The entry fees of commercial tours are based upon the total capacity of vehicles that can carry seven or more passengers regardless of the actual number of passengers. Possession of an annual or lifetime pass or the ages of the passengers does not affect the price charged unless the vehicle's capacity is less than 7 passengers, excluding the driver.


Forms of Payment
Acceptable forms of payment for Dinosaur National Monument's entrance fees and passes include cash, credit cards, traveler's checks, money orders, cashier's checks, gift checks, personal checks, and business checks.

credit card logos

Credit cards currently accepted by the National Park Service for payment of entrance fees.


Annual and Lifetime Passes
Dinosaur National Monument also recognizes the Dinosaur Annual Pass and the Interagency Annual and Lifetime Passes as valid entry.
Learn more about Annual Passes
Learn more about Lifetime Passes


Non-Commercial Organized Groups: Valid for 7 days.
Organized groups such as Scouts, Rotary, Clubs, Youth Groups, Churches, Reunions, etc. that do not qualify for an Academic Fee Waiver are charged as follows:
$10.00 Non-commercial vehicles with a vehicle capacity of 14 or less
$5.00 per person Non-commercial vehicles with a capacity of 15 or greater.
Fees will not exceed the commercial fee for the same-sized vehicle. Youth 15 and under are free. Individuals or families with any valid Annual or Lifetime pass may use their pass for entry at the per person rate. Pass and photo ID must be present upon entry.


Fee Free Days
Several days throughout the year have been designated as fee free days at your national parks including Dinosaur National Monument. On these days, entrance fees will not be charged, however, camping and other use fees will still be collected. To find out the fee free days for 2014 visit the Fee Free Days website.
DINO Fee Waiver Application

Academic Fee Waivers
National Park Service regulations allow school groups and other bona fide national and international academic institutions to obtain a waiver for park entrance fees, provided that the visit is for educational or scientific purposes, and the resources or facilities the group proposes to use support those purposes. More information…

Camping Fees
Backcountry camping Free
Green River Campground $12 per site, per night
Reservations for some sites available through Recreation.gov
Deerlodge Park Campground $8 per site, per night
Echo Park Campground $8 per site, per night
Gates of Lodore Campground $8 per site, per night
Rainbow Park Campground Free
Split Mountain Group Campground

$25 per site, per night
Reservations available through Recreation.gov

Echo Park Group Campsite $15 per site, per night
plus $10 non-refundable reservation fee

Campground fees are waived during the late fall, winter and early spring when water is not available in the campgrounds. The park will resume charging for campgrounds once water service is turned on, usually some time in April or May, depending on location.

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