Directions: Walpack/Van Campen Inn NJ

Walpack Center NJ GPS 41.158967 -74.880317

Van Campen Inn (Military Trail guide) GPS 41.164567 -74.892217

Visiting Walpack Center and Van Campen Inn


From the NORTH via Old Mine Road NJ through Peters Valley

Use Directions to Peters Valley via Old Mine Road from the north to reach Peters Valley NJ

For Walpack Center: At the stop sign at Peters Valley, continue straight across the intersection onto route NPS 615 south. Continue 3.5 miles to the village of Walpack Center on the left.

For Van Campen Inn: At the stop sign at Peters Valley, turn hard right onto Kuhn Road and continue 1/2 mile. The road (and paving) ends at a "T" intersection with an unpaved road. This is the original dirt roadbed of Old Mine Road. The road is passable to cars, but drive carefully and watch the road. Turn left (south) onto Old Mine Road and continue 2.5 miles to Van Campen Inn on the left.

From the SOUTH via Old Mine Road NJ from Interstate 80 through Millbrook Village) and
Via Blairstown NJ to the east (through Millbrook Village)

Use Directions to Millbrook Village to reach Millbrook Village.

At Millbrook Village, bear left from Old Mine Road, or turn right from Route 602, to continue north 2 miles to a bridge and a "T" intersection.

For Walpack Center: Turn right onto Route NPS 615 North. Continue on Route NPS 615 North 6.5 miles to the village on the right.

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