Directions to Peters Valley NJ

Peters Valley GPS 41.1996183 -74.851083

Visiting Peters Valley Craft Center NJ


Via Old Mine Road NJ from the north

From northern New Jersey you must connect from Route 206 to County Road 560.

From northern side of the park in Pennsylvania, take Route 209 in the park to the traffic light at Route 739 in Dingmans Ferry PA; turn east (left if southbound) and cross the Dingmans Ferry Bridge (toll) onto Route 560 in New Jersey. Still within sight of the bridge, turn very hard right at the first road on the left. This is a section of Old Mine Road known as Walpack Road. Continue 1.5 miles on this road to the stop sign in the village of Peters Valley NJ. The Gallery and Store is on your right.

Via Old Mine Road NJ from Interstate 80 (through Millbrook Village) and
Via Blairstown NJ to the east (through Millbrook Village)

Use Directions to Millbrook Village to reach Millbrook Village.

At Millbrook Village, bear left from Old Mine Road, or turn right from Route 602, to continue north 2 miles to a bridge and a "T" intersection. Turn right onto Route NPS 615 North. Continue 10 miles to a 5-road intersection at Peters Valley NJ. The Gallery and Store is ahead on your left.

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