• Fulmer Falls at George W. Childs Park

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

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  • Hornbecks Creek Trail Partial Closure

    The trail is closed between the first and second waterfall; a portion of the trail has sloughed off, causing a hazardous condition. The first waterfall is accessible from the 209 trailhead and the second waterfall is accessible from Emory Road.

  • Dingmans Falls Area and Road Closed

    Dingmans Falls Visitor Center, the boardwalk trail to the falls, and the access road are closed through while repairs to the road are made. We anticipate the area reopening in mid-November.

Directions to Millbrook Village NJ

Millbroook Village GPS 41.073683 -74.963117

Visiting Millbrook Village NJ | Hours of Operation this season


Via Old Mine Road NJ from Interstate 80

From Interstate 80 westbound take NJ Exit 1 and bear right to a 3-minute light which controls one-way alternating traffic. From this point Millbrook Village is 12 miles north on a scenic route with views of the river.

From Interstate 80 eastbound take the first exit ramp (unnumbered) after the toll plaza at the Delaware River (no toll eastbound) and at the end of the ramp, turn hard right. Pass under the highway to a 3-minute light which controls one-way alternating traffic. From this point Millbrook Village is 12 miles north on a scenic route with views of the river.

Via Old Mine Road NJ from the north

From northern New Jersey connect from Route 206 to County Road 560 OR consider approaching from Routes 94 and 602 through Blairstown NJ. (below)

From northern side of the park in Pennsylvania, take Route 209 in the park to the traffic light at Route 739 in Dingmans Ferry PA; turn east (left if southbound) and cross the Dingmans Ferry Bridge (toll) onto Route 560 in New Jersey. Still within sight of the bridge, turn very hard right at the first road on the left. This is a section of Old Mine Road known as Walpack Road. Continue 1.5 miles on this road to the stop sign in the village of Peters Valley NJ and continue straight across the intersection onto NPS 615 South. (This will avoid the dirt section of Old Mine Road)

* Continue 5 miles on NPS 615, passing the village of Walpack Center NJ on the right, and bear left at a fork to stay on NPS 615 South, climbing through a large meadow. Continue 5 miles more, paralleling the Flat Brook, to a pair of bridges on the left which cross the Flat Brook. Turn left onto the auto bridge that is open to traffic, and continue straight 2 miles up a large incline and down the other side. Millbrook Village parking is on the left.

If Walpack Road is closed or you miss the turn after the bridge...

You can continue 2 miles farther east on NJ Route 560 to the village of Layton NJ. (which has some food service and a post office) Turn right at the blinking light in Layton NJ and follow 2 miles on a series of roads designated County Road 640, County Road 615, and finally Kuhn Road in Peters Valley NJ. At the intersection in Peters Valley NJ, turn left off Kuhn Road onto NPS 615 south and follow directions (*) as above.

Via Blairstown NJ to the east

Take NJ Exit 4C on Interstate 80 and follow NJ Route 94 north 9 miles to the traffic light in Blairstown NJ at the intersection of Route 521/Stillwater Road. Turn left as if to follow Route 521 north but immediately continue straight (toward the steeple) to Route 602 east through Blairstown. A few blocks later, at the stop sign part way up a steep short incline, turn right, then follow Route 602 as it bends immediately left towards Millbrook. Distance from the traffic light in Blairstown NJ to Millbrook Village is 7.3 miles over steep inclines and through scenic countryside.

Did You Know?

A ranger testing water quality in a stream.

... that the Middle Delaware River exceeds ordinary federal standards for clean water. Because of this, special higher standards have been set for the river, so it does not "deteriorate" to being just "clean enough." The river in this park is, and will remain, truly "cleaner than clean." More...