• The snowy Delaware River

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

Large Competitive and Sports Events

A local father and son take on the Pocono Challenge.
NPS Photo by Michele Kuna

A variety of athletic events and competitions may possibly take place in the park. Permits are required. Please check the park's Schedule of Events, and call (570) 426-2440, for assistance selecting a date. Events generally must not interfere with normal visitor use of the park.


A fee of $50.00 is required to apply for an event permit in the park.This is an application processing fee. Additional fees may be payable depending on the place where the event will take place and the use of staff time involved in the event.

To get started on arrangements for a sports event in the park, download and complete this application.
Application for General Use (long form)

Did You Know?

A series of arm patches

... that Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area includes lands which once belonged to 5 New Jersey boy scout camps. Private and religious camps also flourished along the riverbanks that are now part of the park at sites such as Turn Farm PA, Coppermine Inn NJ, and Coppermine Hiking Area NJ. More...