Teenager in a yellow kayaK

Kayaks offer teens a chance to travel along while still paddling along with thte family.


The Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River offers some of the best and most accessible water recreation opportunities in the northeast United States. This part of the Delaware River is relatively unspoiled as it travels through the rural landscape. Lots of quite pools and a few short riffles make this section ideal for beginning paddlers and those seeking a relaxing trip.

Free shuttle service is provided on summer weekends by the Monroe County Transit Authority for those who bring their own canoe or kayak.

Several authorized liveries rent canoes, kayaks, and rafts. Rental includes transportation, basic river orientation, paddles and life jackets.

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Always Wear Your Lifejacket

River Mileage
MB Milford Beach, PA 0
NA Namanock Access, NJ 4 0
DF Dingmans Ferry, PA 8 4 0
EA Eshback Access, PA 14 10 6 0
BA Bushkill Access, PA 18 14 10 4 0
PA Poxono Access, NJ 26 22 18 12 8 0
SB Smithfield Beach, PA 28 24 20 14 10 2 0
WSF Worthington SF, NJ 30 26 22 16 12 4 2 0
KP Kittatinny Point, NJ 34 30 26 20 16 8 6 4

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