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Hikers atop Mt. Tammany NJ

A view of Gap from the top pf Mt. Tammany NJ.


Mt. Tammany: Red-dot and Blue Blazed Trails | Directions
Length: 4.0 miles, loop
Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult
Blaze: red-dot or blue blaze
Elevation change: 1150 feet over 1.25 mi.
Trailhead location: Dunnfield Creek Natural Area Parking Lot
Brochure: NJ/PA Hikes Bulletin is available at the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center, located within easy walking distance of the Dunnfield Creek Natural Area Parking Lot; more detailed map available for purchase at visitor center.
Description: Look for stairs on the right-hand side of the Dunnfield Creek parking lot. The red dot trail is steep and rocky, with two main climbs, and two stunning overlooks. The first overlook is reached after a half-mile ascent of about two hundred feet, and grants views of Arrow Island and Mt. Minsi from about five hundred feet above the Delaware River. The second half of the ascent is considerably more difficult, and includes a steep, switchback scramble over boulders-but it is worth it! The second overlook may offer the finest view of the Gap and the surrounding area to be found in the park. The Red-dot trail gives way shortly thereafter to the Blue-blazed trail, which is much more easily traversed. In a mile and a half, the blue gives way to a green blaze, and then to the white blaze of the Appalachian Trail, which will bring visitors back to the parking lot. Special considerations: Small children, small dogs, and those with chronically stiff joints may have difficulty on the Red-dot trail. Since the view is simply too good to pass up, using the Blue-blazed trail to go up AND down is an alternative to the Red-dot. This area is VERY busy during holiday weekends in the summer season, and during peak foliage season in the fall, so if you intend to visit at these times, plan to arrive early.
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Mt Tammany Fire Road
Also atop Mt. Tammany is the Mt Tammany Fire Road, which runs along the ridge to meet the Turquoise Trail to Sunfish Pond. This is one way to hike both Mt. Tammany and Sunfish Pond without backtracking.

Dunnfield Hollow Trail (green blaze)
This trail branches off the AT 1/2 mile north of Dunnfield, crosses a footbridge to the east side of Dunnfield Creek, and then climbs and descends the flank of Mt. Tammany. Hikers must then ford Dunnfield Creek to meet Holly Spring Trail, a 1/2-mile red-blazed connector that climbs southwest to the AT and Beulahland Trail. Green-blazes do continue north from the ford for 2 miles to Sunfish Pond, but trail washouts require several more crossings; a route via Holly Spring/ AT is recommended.
Total to AT /Holly Spring: about 2 miles, 1000 ft. climb .Total Dunnfield to Sunfish Pond: 4 miles, 1000 ft. climb. Climb is in two sections.

Karamac Trail
North end/Karamac parking GPS 40.989117 -75.128333
This trail hads two distinct sections:
The southern section (about 3/4 mile) is in Worthington State Forest and begins at the traffic light on Old Mine Road This first mile follows a flat abandoned railbed and leads to a good view of the mouth of Broadhead Creek across the Delaware River at a set of railroad bridge piers. It is an easy trail, but can be damp underfoot after rainfalls.
The rugged north end (about 1/4 mile) of the trail is in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It follows the river briefly on a narrow footpath to a view of the river at a cement embankment at riverside. The trail then climbs 200 ft. in 2/10 of a mile up the slope of the riverbank. (These were the grounds of the old Karamac Hotel), to end at Karamac and Farview parking areas on Old Mine Road. This end of the trail is far steeper and rockier than the southern end.

Arrow Island Trail | Directions
Length: 0.9 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation change: 221 feet
Trailhead location: Route 611 and National Park Drive
Description: Starting at the Arrow Island parking lot, this trail climbs through mixed forest and past the foundation of what was once a casino and resort. As you continue on you'll discover old stone fence rows and farmland. The trail will eventually terminate at a parking lot on National Park Drive.
NOTE: This trail may clsoe in August to protect peregrine falcon nesting sites on the cliff face fo Mt. Minsi.
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Peregrine Falcons
The cliff face of Mt. Minsi PA from Arrow Island to Point of Gap Overlooks may close in spring until early August due to the nesting of peregrine falcons. The Appalachian Trail remains open during this time, but spur trails on Mt. Minsi will be closed. Birdwatching

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