Horseback Ride

Young woman riding a horse in a field

Warming up for the trails at Conashaugh View.

NPS Photo by Michele Kuna


Conashaugh View Trail in Pennsylvania is open to horseback riding, and Upper Ridge Trail in New Jersey is open to both riding and horse-drawn carriages. There are no horse rental liveries at these trails; these trails are intended for those who have their own horses.

Riders should be aware that these trails are also open to hiking. Hikers should be alert to riders; hikers must yield to riders. If horses approach, hikers should step off the trail and stand quietly until they pass. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are NOT permitted on these trails.

Conashaugh View Trail in Pennsylvania Directions
This trail offers 9 miles of trail for hikers and for horseback riders with their own horses. Please protect the environment by riding and hiking only on the marked trails, and crossing streams only on the bridges.

Upper Ridge Trail in New Jersey Directions
Upper Ridge Trail winds approximately 5 miles through peaceful woods, open fields and past isolated ponds. For carriage access to this gated roadway, call the recreation area at (570) 426-2435 prior to arrival at the trail.

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