McDade Trail

McDade Trail is a 32-mile trail along the Pennsylvania side of the park. The trail passes through forested areas and farm fields and past views of the river and cliffs, Terrain varies from rugged foot trail to wide gravel paths. Trailheads provide access every 0.5 to 5.3 miles. The trail is open to hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and restricted pet-walking. No motorized vehicles are permitted.

Seasonal Restrictions
The trail between Pittman Orchard and White Pines Trailhead is closed from December 1 to August 15 yearly for resource protection; most of this section allows hiking ONLY when it is is open. Please observe restrictions posted on bulletin boards at these trailheads.
River Road may close after snowfalls or heavy rain and windstorms.
Freeman Tract Road and Community Drive are township roads with no winter service


Pets are not permitted at beaches in summer.
Pets must be on a 6-foot leash.
Pets are not permitted from a point 1/4 mile north of the boat launch at the north end of Smithfield Beach to the first footbridge south of the canoe launch at the south end of Smithfield Beach from June 1 to Sept. 8 yearly. The rest of the year, pets may pass through Smithfield Beach.


There is no fee to use the trail.
Milford and Smithfield Beaches,and Bushkill Access require a fee in season to park. All other trailheads are free. Persons on the trail who stop and use the beaches must pay a $1.00 walk-in fee.
Some access points do not have trail parking.


Color Map of McDade Trailheads with suggested trip/sections along the trail.


Did You Know?