Walpack Area Trails

A calm blue pond with hemlock and hardwood trees on the farthest shore

Hemlock Pond


Buttermilk Falls Trail | Directions
Length: 1.4 miles, one-way
Difficulty: Difficult
Elevation change: 1104 feet
Trailhead location: Mountain Road in Walpack Center NJ
Description: This steep trail may well be the most challenging ascent in the park. Follow the Buttermilk Falls, one of the tallest in New Jersey, up to the Appalachian Trail for spectacular views of the valley below. For those visitors looking for a full-day hike, consider making a loop with Crater Lake, Hemlock Pond, and the Woods Trail (which will connect with the Buttermilk Falls Trail for your final descent). Also consider heading north on the Appalachian Trail toward Rattlesnake Mountain for breathtaking views of Walpack.
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Military Trail | Directions
Length: 1.0 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation change: 226 feet
Trailhead location: Van Campen Inn, or Walpack Center
Brochure: Guide to Military Trail
Description: Soldiers who fought in the French and Indian War and American Revolution utilized this trail to move men and materiel from Elizabeth Town to Fort Johns, situated just uphill from where Van Campen Inn stands today. Starting on the unpaved section of Old Mine Road just north of Van Campen Inn, Military Trail begins to climb the ridgeline towards Walpack Center. Along the way visitors will pass the site of Fort Johns, as well as an African American slave cemetery, and the remnants of old farmsteads. Those who wish to take a longer journey may include a hike on Walpack Ridge Trail for views of mountaintop ponds and mixed woodlands.
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Walpack Ridge Trail | Directions
Length: 3.0 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation change: 137
Trailhead location: Thunder Mountain Rd. or two points along the Military Trail
Description: From the trail intersection nearest Walpack Center this trail traverses gentle slopes in open hardwood forest along a ridge skirting a large beaver pond. Eventually a switchback leads hikers down the side of the ridge and across a small stream on a foot bridge. Beyond the bridge are low lying open hardwood forests and overgrown fields as you near the trailheads at Thunder Mountain Rd. Continuing along the return trail visitors will once again be afforded awe-inspiring views.
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