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Dingmans Falls boardwalk trail

Dingmans Falls boardwalk trail

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Dingmans Falls Trail | Directions
Length: 0.4 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Easy - Stroller and Wheelchair accessible (up to staircase)
Elevation change: 55 feet
Trailhead location: Dingmans Falls Visitor Center Parking Lot
Brochure: Trail Guide to DIngmans Ravine (1 page, no map)
Description: This flat boardwalk trail meanders gently through a hemlock ravine. Just after you cross the first footbridge, you'll find Silverthread Falls, gracefully plunging through a narrow geometric chute; you'll scarcely believe it was naturally formed! As you continue through thickets of rhododendron, dappled sunlight dances gently on the forest floor to the sound of your footfalls. The high falls are the second highest in the state of Pennsylvania. If you come for a visit after a good rain, the falls will be at their most magnificent. Leaving the boardwalk trail is strictly prohibited, for the sake of our dwindling hemlocks, whose shallow root systems are fragile. A staircase leads to a bird-eye view from the upper falls. NOTE: Dingmans Falls Visitor Center, the boardwalk trail to the falls, and the access road will be closed through September as repairs to the road are made. We anticipate the area reopening in October.
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Toms Creek Trail | Directions
Length: 1 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation change: 96 feet
Trailhead location: West side of Toms Creek Picnic area on Little Egypt Road
Brochure: Toms Creek Trail Map
Description: This gentle trail along an old road bed hugs Toms Creek for a short, one mile, one-way meander. Feel free to fish in this fine little trout stream, provided you have a PA fishing license and trout stamp. Catch and release and artificial lures only. Enjoy a meal at the picnic area set back from Route 209.
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Hornbecks Creek (Indian Ladders) Trail | Directions
Length: 1.9 miles, one-way
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation change: 442 feet
Trailhead location: Going north on Route 209, 0.4 mi. beyond mile marker 10. Entrance is unmarked, gravel drive
Brochure: Hornbecks Creek Trail Map
Description: One of the hidden treasures of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is undoubtedly Hornbecks Creek Trail, known to some locals as Indian Ladders. Visitors will be delighted to discover an old road-bed trail that meanders along Hornbecks Creek. Once you've arrived at the first waterfall, which by itself is worth the trip, the trail becomes a bit more narrow and rugged. The "ladder" sequence of waterfalls following the first will keep your enthusiasm high. The trail ends at Emery Road. NOTE: The portion of trail between the first and second waterfalls is closed due to severe trail erosion. The first waterfall is accessible from the US 209 trailhead and the second waterfall (Indian Ladders) is accessible from Emory Road.
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Adams Creek Trail | Directions
Length: 1.1 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Elevation change: 157 feet
Trailhead location: Going north on Route 209, trailhead and parking are located approximately 2 miles north of intersection with PA 739 Brochure: Not applicable Description: One of the hidden treasures of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is undoubtedly Adams Creek Trail. Visitors will be delighted to discover a rugged trail that meanders along, and through, Adams Creek and ending at the waterfall. Be aware that there are four creek fords along this trail through cold, knee-deep water.
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Hidden Lake Trail | Directions
Length: 1.9 miles, loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation change: 80 feet
Trailhead location: Hidden Lake Road
Description: This trail is "hidden" in plain sight on Hidden Lake Road, just a couple miles away from Park Headquarters. It follows the shoreline around the lake for an easy walk through the woods. Visitors may fish in the lake, with a Pennsylvania fishing license, or enjoy a lazy kayak float.
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Railway Avenue Trail | Directions
Length: 0.4 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation change: 16 feet
Trailhead location: Creek Road
Description: For a few years in the mid-nineteenth century, Pennsylvania was home to more miles of railroad track than all the other states in the Union put together. The short Railway Avenue trail celebrates this era as it follows a short section of the Pennsylvania-Delaware railroad. Enjoy lunch or a snack with your hike in the nearby Bushkill Village picnic area.
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