Appalachian Trail/Sunfish Pond/Mt. Mohican

A forested river valley seen from a mountain top

The view up the Delaware River from Mt. Mohican (Raccoon Ridge) on the Appalachian Trail.


Appalachian Trail site bulletin and map

Dunnfield Parking (AT/Sunfish Pond)
GPS 40.971977 -75.125812

From Dunnfield Creek parking area (Worthington State Forest) to Sunfish Pond via the Appalachian Trail is about 3.7 miles. Several spur trails from Old Mine Road also reach the Appalachian Trail just north or south of Sunfish Pond. For a map, see the park's bulletin on Hiking the Gap. (pdf file)

Through-hikers (see mileage below) will not go to the top of Mt. Tammany, but climb straight up Kittatinny Ridge to Sunfish Pond and then beyond; in all they will pass through about 22 miles of the park in New Jersey.

Backpacking is permitted according to regulations. The park's bulletin on the Appalachian Trail (pdf file) has maps, backpacking regulations, and additional information.

NOTE: The water pump along Blue Mountain Lakes Road no longer works.

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