• Fulmer Falls at George W. Childs Park

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

Freedom of Speech & the First Amendment


National Park Service Statement on Free Speech

Call (570) 426-2440 for information about Free Speech permits

The Right of Free Speech
In conformity with the rights that are guaranteed in the United States Constitution, the National Park Service allows people to exercise freedom of speech, and groups to assemble peacefully on park land. However, to carry out its mission of preserving the cultural and natural resources of the parks, and to protect the rights and safety of visitors, the National Park Service does manage these activities through a permit system. Permits regulate aspects of activity such as location, dates and times, and number of participants.

Your right to a permit for the Exercise of Free Speech
There is no fee for a permit to exercise one's first amendment right of free speech. However, a permit is still required for first amendment activity in the park; those without a permit may be asked to leave. Content is not regulated.

To apply, please download and complete this application.
Application for General Use (short form)


Your Rights as a Park Visitor
The content of what permit-holders have to say is not regulated, and the opinions expressed by permit-holders may not conform to the vision and policy of the National Park Service. Indeed, the permit-holders may have requested a specific location in a park to speak out because they are specifically opposed to National Park Service policy or plans. As a visitor to the park, you are welcome to consider the point of view of those who are exercising their right of free speech in the park. Please also avail yourself of the opportunity to learn the National Park Service's answer to such opposing views.

You may contact the park's superintendent of the park with your questions and opinions at:
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
1978 River Road
Bushkill PA 18324.

If you feel harassed or impeded from enjoying the park by a person exercising their First Amendment right of free speech, please notify a park ranger.


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