Campfires and Firewood


Fires are permitted only at designated campgrounds and picnic areas. In picnic areas, visitors must bring and use their own grills.

Boaters in river campsites may have campfires in existing metal fire rings only.



Use local firewood only (See quarantine below)

Down (on the ground) and dead wood only may be collected only in areas immediately adjacent to developed campgrounds and river campsites. Cutting down trees that are dead but still standing is prohibited.



To reduce the spread of destructive non-native insects, there is a quarantine on firewood from all areas outside the park.

When camping, use only firewood from local sources. (Firewood at the group campsites will be provided by the park from its hazardous tree cutting program. Local firewood may be purchased at Dingmans Campground PA.)

Do NOT bring firewood from home or from outside the park into the park.

If you have brought in wood from outside the park, check with a ranger or with your campground operator about its proper disposal. You may be asked to burn all of it at your site.

Do NOT bring leftover firewood home with you or bring it to another campground.


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