Commercial Film & Photography

Who Needs a Permit?

  • Commercial*, non-profit, documentary, promotional, or educational films, including entertainment broadcasts and some student projects
  • Filming for stock footage REGARDLESS OF EQUIPMENT
  • Commercial still photography using models**, sets or props
  • Time-lapse photography if the final sequence will be used in a motion picture format for commercial purposes
  • Sound recording projects that require more than handheld equipment, more than one person or NPS oversight
  • Wedding/ portrait photography if final product will be used for advertisement
  • Use of large or unusual equipment, even for non-commercial purposes if activities warrant NPS oversight

*Commercial filming is defined as digital or film recording of a visual image by a person, business, or other entity for a market audience, such as for a documentary, television or feature film, advertisement, or similar project. Under P.L. 106-206 all commercial filming requires a permit and is subject to a location fee and cost recovery charges.

**Model means a person or object that serves as the subject for commercial filming or still photography for the purposes of promoting sales or use of a product or service. Models include but are not limited to, individuals, animals, or inanimate objects such as vehicles, boats articles of clothing, and food and beverage products.

Permits are NOT Generally Required When

  • Visitors are engaged in filming/photography intended for their personal use and enjoyment
  • Filming for a News organization
  • When the videographer or photographer is filming a wedding that is permitted through a special use permit

Permit Fees

A $50 application fee is charged to consider any permit request. Additional fees, such as location fees and monitoring fees, may be applicable, depending on the filming project.

More Information

For more information about film, photography and sound recording permits, call (570) 426-2440 or email the park's special use coordinator.

Filming Permit Application, short form (37 KB pdf)
Filming Permit Application, long form (41 KB pdf)


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