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    Delaware Water Gap

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A view of the Gap.

A view of the Gap

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Much of the recreation area can be viewed and enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle. The following tips and links will help you make the most of your drive, and help you enjoy a safe visit.

Always observe the speed limit, and watch out for local wildlife. Bears, deer, and other wildlife will often cross the road and can create hazards around blind turns.

There are three overlooks in Pennsylvania along Route 611 which offer views of the Delaware River and the Delaware Water Gap-but from ground level. For dramatic views of the river valley from above, you will need to leave the car behind and take a hike.

Directions to Point of Gap Overlook
Directions to Arrow Island Overlook
Directions to Resort Point Overlook

Buttermilk Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in New Jersey, is accessible by motor vehicle. Dingmans Falls, while not necessarily drivable, is wheelchair and stroller accessible via a short boardwalk. Other falls can only be discovered on foot.

Directions to Buttermilk Falls
Directions to Dingmans Falls

Millbrook Village, Walpack Center, and Peters Valley are all charming points of interest for your scenic driving tour of the New Jersey side of the park.

Directions to Millbrook Village
Directions to Walpack Center
Directions to Peters Valley

It is possible to plan a driving circuit around the park, following the river up one side and down the other. However, seasonal and emergency road closures and road conditions may pose a challenge for motorcycles and some motor vehicles.

More information on road closures and road conditions

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