By Public Transportation

This may not seem like a park for the car-less, but in fact you can spend a day or more out of the city, see the Water Gap from several viewpoints, hike along the Appalachian Trail (AT), and take a canoe trip, all without having to get here by car. | Bus service to the village of Delaware Water Gap.

In addition, Monroe County Transportation Authority and the park will provide free public transportation through the Pennsylvania side of the park from Memorial Day to Labor Day on holidays and weekends. The buses can carry kayaks, bicycles, and small canoes. Bus riders enter the park's beaches for free, and could be dropped off and picked up at various trailheads, as well as Dingmans Campground. | Details

A long day hike or a canoe trip might require an overnight stay. A motel and a resort hotel are within walking distance of the bus station; for details please link to tourist agencies, or search the web for "Hotels Delaware Water Gap PA." There are backpacking sites on the Appalachian Trail (AT) but these are governed by various regulations: please download and review the park bulletin on Hiking & Backpacking the AT.

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