AT Mileage in Pennsylvania

Through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail (AT) will hike through about 5 miles of the park in Pennsylvania. (See mileage below)

Backpacking is permitted according to regulations. Please link to the park bulletins at the right (pdf file) for maps and additional information and for backpacking regulations.

Mileage in Pennsylvania along the AT within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

PA 0.0 Enter the national recreation area at Totts Gap PA
PA 2.1
Top of Mt. Minsi (1,463 ft.)
PA 2.4 View north and east to Mt. Tammany NJ (1,527 ft.)
PA 4.2 Lake Lenape
PA 4.4 Lake Lenape/Mt.Minsi parking
GPS 40.979754 -75.142189
PA 4.8
Village of Delaware Water Gap PA
NJ 0.0 PA end of Interstate 80 bridge

End of Pennsylvania mileage.

Mileage along the AT in New Jersey


Peregrine Falcons
The cliff face of Mt. Minsi PA from Arrow Island to Point of Gap Overlooks may close in spring until early August due to the nesting of peregrine falcons. The Appalachian Trail remains open during this time, but spur trails on Mt. Minsi will be closed. Birdwatching


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