• The snowy Delaware River

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

Guide to the Gap 2011-

2011 (Vol. 1)

Childs Park - Renewing a Woodland Paradise (GTG: Summer 2011 Vol. 1 No. 1) History of the park site and its planned rehabilitation. By Supervisory Park Ranger Deb Nordeen. RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: woolly adelgid,

aaah-CHOO! (The real culprit) (GTG: Summer 2011 Vol. 1 No.1) Goldenrod vs. ragweed as the cause of allergic reactions. By Park Ranger Kathleen Sandt. RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: Wildflowers, Wildflower Galleries.

Did You Know?

Sketch of a shiny, silvery, oval shaped fish with smallish fins

... that shad have made a comeback in the Delaware River, due to pollution control. This member of the herring family lives its adult life in the ocean, but travels up rivers and streams to spawn. Each spring, anglers follow the "shad run" up the Delaware River to catch these hard-fighting fish. More...