• The snowy Delaware River

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA


View into a forested ravine with rain fallling

Rain clouds settle into Dunnfield Ravine NJ, seen from atop Mt. Minsi PA.

Weather made this park.

In the 19th century, hotels and railroads promoted the Water Gap as a refuge from the summer heat in the cities, and the area also became a rural escape for campers and for those who could afford a “farm” as a second home. Settlements along the river, though, were in the path of periodic flooding, and discussion of a flood control–given new urgency by the loss of life in the 1955 hurricanes—caused the Tocks Island Dam to be proposed. Though the proposed dam was never built, the lands acquired for the project are now Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.


Did You Know?

Sketch of a shiny, silvery, oval shaped fish with smallish fins

... that shad have made a comeback in the Delaware River, due to pollution control. This member of the herring family lives its adult life in the ocean, but travels up rivers and streams to spawn. Each spring, anglers follow the "shad run" up the Delaware River to catch these hard-fighting fish. More...