• Fulmer Falls at George W. Childs Park

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

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  • Hornbecks Creek Trail Partial Closure

    The trail is closed between the first and second waterfall; a portion of the trail has sloughed off, causing a hazardous condition. The first waterfall is accessible from the 209 trailhead and the second waterfall is accessible from Emory Road.

Feature Pages on Plants


Most of these features were first published in the park's newsletter, Spanning the Gap, (STG). For related pages in this website, look up the feature by year under:
NEWS: Park Newspaper-Archive of Back Issues of STG, by year


Trees and Shrubs
Mountain Laurel or Rhododendron? (STG: Summer 1984 Vol. 7 No. 2) How to tell them apart.
Why Leaves Change Color (STG: Fall-Winter 1986-1987) Vol. 8 No. 3) Explaining the colors of various trees in the recreation area.
Fall Colors (STG: Fall 1987 Vol. 9 No. 3) Where to see the colors.
Spring Flowering Trees and Shrubs (STG: Spring 1989 Vol. 11 No. 1) The most conspicuous trees that bloom in the recreation area.
Additional material
Photo Galleries: Wildflowers Arranged by color.
Tree I.D. (STG: Fall & Winter 1990 Vol. 12, No. 3) Identifying trees in winter.
Trees at Rest (STG: Fall 2001 Vol. 23, No. 3) Why trees change color.

Wandering through Wildflowers (STG: Spring 1983 Vol. 6 No. 1) A brief guide.
Additional material
Photo Galleries: Wildflowers Arranged by color.
More Than Just a Pretty Face (STG: Spring 1990 Vol. 11, No. 4) A look at common spring wildflowers.
Additional material
Photo Galleries: Wildflowers Arranged by color.
Wildflower Wanderings. (STG: Spring 1993 Vol. 15, No. 1) Springtime wildflowers.
Additional material
Photo Galleries: Wildflowers Arranged by color.
aaah-CHOO! (The real culprit) (GTG: Summer 2011 Vol. 1 No.1) Goldenrod vs. ragweed as the cause of allergic reactions.

Farm Crops and Cultivars
Agriculture in the Park (STG: Summer 1989 Vol. 11 No. 2) Farming in the park.
Farming the Park (STG: Spring 2000 Vol. 22, No.1) An assessment of the park's agricultural permit program.
Corn: An American Native (STG: Spring 2000 Vol. 22, No. 1
Historic Orchard at Roberts Farm NJ Park press release of May 5, 2003 describing what may be the oldest orchard in the National Park System, at Roberts Farm in Montague NJ.
Historic Apple Trees Pruned and Reinvigorated Park press release of March 20, 2010 describing further efforts to restore historic apple trees in the park.


Did You Know?

Sketch of a shiny, silvery, oval shaped fish with smallish fins

... that shad have made a comeback in the Delaware River, due to pollution control. This member of the herring family lives its adult life in the ocean, but travels up rivers and streams to spawn. Each spring, anglers follow the "shad run" up the Delaware River to catch these hard-fighting fish. More...