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These flowers have all been photographed in the recreation area by park staff. Identifications are made based on the flower, the leaves, the overall formation of the plant, and location and season of blooming. For more details, consult a quality wildflower identification handbook.

Color categories for flowers follow the "Peterson Field Guide" Wildflowers: Northeastern/North Central North America (1968) by Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKenny.

White or Whitish | Yellow
Pink and Purple (to red) | Violet to Blue

Orange, Green, and (Red)-Brown


White or Whitish Wildflowers
KEYWORDS: Daisy fleabane, erigeron, ox-eye daisy, leucanthemum vulgare, common elderberry, sambucus nigra canadensis, wild lily of the valley, Canada mayflower, maianthemum canadense, doll's eyes, dolls' eyes, white baneberry fruit, actrea pachypoda, common yarrow, achillea millifolium, horse nettle, solanum carolinense, Queen Anne's lace, wild carrot, daucus carota, early saxifrage, saxifraga virginiensis, hedge bindweed, calystegia sepium, spring beauty, claytonia virginicum. bouncing bet, saponaria officinalis, Japanese knotweed, polygonum cuspidatum, white snakeroot, ageratina altissima, false Solomon's Seal, smilacina racimosa,
Indian pipe, monotropa uniflora, bloodroot, sanguinaria canadensis, Dutchman's breeches, Dutchman's britches, dicentra cucullaria, dame's rocket, hesperis martonalis, garlic mustard, alliaria officinalis, thimbleweed, anemone virginiana, wood anemone, anemone quinquefolia, hepatica, hepatica, painted trillium, trillium undulatum, large-flowering trillium, trillium grandiflora, bushy aster, aster dumosus, northern white violet, viola pallens, fragrant water lily, nymphaea odorate, tulip poplar flower (tree), liriodendron tulipfera. miterwort,
mitella diphylla RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: Indian pipe and Dutchman's breeches; false Solomon's seal, thimbleweed, wood anemone, and hepatica; bloodroot, painted trillium, and large-flowering trillium


Yellow Wildflowers
KEYWORDS:Black-eyed Susan, rudbeckia hirta, buttercup, ranunculus, butter and eggs, linaria vulgaris, forsythia, forsythia, spicebush, linder benzoin, common mullein, verbascum thapsis,
golden ragwort, packera aurea, common St. Johnswort, common St John's wort, hypericum perforatum, Solomon's seal, polygonatum biflorum. trout lily, erythronium americanum, yellow lady's slipper, cypripedium calceolus, downy yellow violet, viola pubescens, mouse ear hawkweed, cerastium vulgatum, common dandelion, taraxacum officinale, coltsfoot, tussilaga farfara, marsh marigold, cowslip, caltha palustris, rough-fruited cinquefoil, potentilla recta, common cinquefoil, potentilla simplex, prickly pear cactus, opuntia humifosa, evening primrose, oenothera biennis, jewelweed, pale touch-me-not, impatiens pallida. RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: downy yellow violet and Solomon's seal; trout lily and yellow lady's slipper


Pink and Purple (to red) Wildflowers
KEYWORDS: wild bergamot, monarda fistulosa, cardinal flower, lobelia cardinalis, crown-vetch, coronilla varia, red clover, trifolium pratense, fleabane erigeron, knapweed, centaurea,
everlasting pea, lathyrus laitfolius, Deptford pink, dianthus, dianthus armeria, fringed polygala, gaywings, polygala paucifolia, purple flowering raspberry, rubus odoratus, pasture thistle, cirsium pumilla, purple coneflower, echinacea purpura, bee balm, Oswego tea, monarda didyma, phlox, phlox, wild sweet William, sheep laurel, kalmia angustifolia, staghorn sumac, rhus typhina, bull thistle, cirsium vulgare, joe-pye weed, eupatorium, wild onion, allium, columbine, aquilegia canadensis, moss phlox, moss pink, phlox subulata, partridge berry, mitchella repens, wild geranium, geranium maculatum, pink lady's slipper, mocassin flower, stemless lady's slipper, cypripedium acaule, purple trillium, wake robin, trillium erectum, purple loosestrife, lythrum salicaria. RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: Columbine; pink lady's slipper, purple trillium, and wild geranium


Violet to Blue Wildlfowers
KEYWORDS: forget-me-not, myosotis, blue vervain, verbena hastata, periwinkle, vinca minor, sharp-lobed hepatica, hepatica acutiloba, common blue violet, viola cucullata, bluets, houstonia canadensis, ground ivy, Gill-over-the-ground, glechoma hederacea, blue-eyed grass, sisyrinchium, monkey flower, mimulus ringens, chicory, cihorium intybus, viper's bugloss, echium vulgare. RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: bluets; hepatica and common blue violet


Orange, Green and (Red-)Brown Wildflowers
KEYWORDS: day lily hemerocallis fulva, butterfly weed, asclepias tuberosa, trumpet creeper, campus radicans, Canada lily, lilium canadense, spotted jewelweed, touch-me-not, impatiense capensis,
false hellebore, Indian poke, veratrum viride, jack-in-the-pulpit, arisaema atrorubens, skunk cabbage, symplocarpus foetidus, wild ginger,asarum canadense. RELATED PAGES IN THIS WEBSITE: skunk cabbage; jack-in-the-pulpit

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