Park Statistics (2005)

Park Size: 69, 269 acres

Annual Visitation: About 5 million recreation visits

Annual Budget: About $8.2 million

Staff: About 90 permanent employees, and about 75 seasonal employees

National Designations

Recreational Resources
Visitor Centers
Hiking Trails: 95 miles, plus 66 separate named trails
Campgrounds: Dingmans Campground PA, Worthington State Forest NJ
Picnic Sites: 216
Launches: Boat 6; Canoe 6
Lifeguarded Beaches: 3 (The third beach opened in 2010)
Group Campsites: 2

Natural Resources
National Designations
Delaware River: About 40 miles of river
Lakes and Ponds: About 150, including both natural and artificial lakes
Major Waterfalls: Raymondskill, Dingmans, and Hombecks Creeks PA; Buttermilk Falls NJ
Wetlands: About 600 areas
Threatened Species: 49 plant, 9 fish, 13 mammal, 7 reptile, 10 amphibian

Cultural Resources
National Designations
Archeological Sites:
487 sites covering more than 500 acres
Archeological Areas:
Minisink Archeological Site National Historic Landmark PA & NJ, containing 19 archeological properties and standing historic structures
Historic Districts: Millville Historic District NJ, Peters Valley Historic District NJ,
Walpack (Center) Historic District NJ, Old Mine Road Historic District NJ


Archeological: 469,773 archeological items
NAGPRA: 12,000 items subject to repatriation
Historical: 40,318 objects
Paleontological: 1,280 specimens
Biological: 24,960 specimens
Park Archives: 601,053 items
Museum Collection: More than 8,000 items of historic significance

About 260 miles
Bridges: 26
Buildings: Over 600
Dams: 60
Composting Restrooms: 12 units

(Current as of August 15, 2005)

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