Restricted Activities

Activities and equipment not permitted in the park

Trapping animals
Collecting of artifacts, flowers, or rocks
Picking or gathering of mushrooms
Using of metal detectors
PWCs (personal water craft or "jet skis")
ORVs (off-road vehicles), ATV (all-terrain vehicles), or the use of motorized vehicles on any gated road in the park



Native American, colonial, and other artifacts are protected by federal law. Collecting artifacts is prohibited. The use of metal detectors is prohibited.

Flowers, rocks, and fossils

Federal law prohibits the removal of flowers, fossils, and rocks from the park. Fruits, nuts, and berries may be gathered for one's own consumption.


Activities permitted in the park subject to restrictions

High Visibility Enforcement (DUI Checkpoints) | Alcohol Policy
Hunting Restrictions | Motorboating Restrictions | Restricted Activities
Appalachian Trail Backpacking | Canoe Camping
Campfires: gathering and burning firewood
Mountain Biking | Dog-walking and pets

Activities Requiring a Permit
Area & Road Closures

Sledding and snowboarding are not permitted on the grounds of Cliff Park Inn & Golf Course.
Glass containers for food and drinks are not permitted at waterfalls where swimming is permitted.

Compendium of Park Regulations

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