General Management Plan 1987

Initial Paragraphs of the General Management Plan, approved May 8, 1987

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and the Middle Delaware National Scenic and RecreationalRiver have been set aside by Congress for public use and the preservation of scenic, scientific, and historic resources. The free-flowing Delaware River cuts through a narrow valley, and the adjacent lands contain streams and waterfalls, geologic features, a variety of plants and wildlife, and cultural resources. Located near the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, and easily accessible by private vehicle, the area offers a variety of recreational opportunities. These include hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, boating, pleasure driving, and sight-seeing; learning about natural and cultural history; and enjoying the solitude of a rural environment and a change of pace.

This General Management Plan will guide the overall management and use of the area's resources over the next 10 years, and it will help ensure the perpetuation of the area's natural and cultural resources and the scenic setting for present and future public enjoyment. The plan will also provide the foundation for subsequent detailed implementation plans, programs, and operations


Summary of the General Management Plan 1987 (pdf file 50 pages 4940 KB)

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