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Climate Friendly Parks

The Climate Friendly Parks Program (CFP) is a collaboration of the National Park Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which aims to provide national parks with comprehensive support and with management tools and resources to address climate change both within park boundaries and in surrounding communities.
The program will:
• Measure park-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
• Develop sustainable strategies to mitigate these emissions and to adapt to climate change impacts, and
• Educate the public about these efforts.

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Climate Friendliness at this park
This park is the 6th national park to join the CFP program. The park's Environmental Management Plan (signed January 23, 2008) contains important actions to reduce fuel use and emissions, increase energy conservation, and improve waste management procedures. Ultimately, the objective is to have the park model climate friendly behavior for visitors. However, it is believed that the greatest impact that the park will have on climate change is the effectiveness and extent of education available to the public at the park.

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