Features: Cultural Hikes and Driving Tours

Most of the features below were first published in the park's newsletters, Spanning the Gap (STG, 1985 to 2007) or Guide to the Gap (GTG, 2011 - ), or appeared in the National Park Service's CRM (Cultural Resource Management) Magazine (CRM). For related page in this website for each feature, look up the feature under
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Cultural Hikes and Driving Tours
Old Mine Road (under Stories)
"Drive-thru" History: A Self-Guided Auto Tour (under Stories)
History along McDade Trail:
I: Hialeah to Turn/Owens Trailheads (on River Road) (STG: Fall 2002 Vol. 24 No. 3) Sketches of history along the initial 5+ mile segment of McDade Recreational Trail.
Lime Kilns near McDade Trail
II Hogback to Hornbecks
III Dingmans Campoground to Millford (STG: Fall 2003 Vol. 25 No. 3, revised September 2012) Sketches of history along the northern 10 miles of McDade Recreational Trail.
The "AT" Experience (under People: Recreating)
River Road Rehab: An Update (under Places: Cultural Landscapes)
Additional material
A Historical Narrative of River Road and Freeman Tract Road
A Chronology of River Road and its Ferries
Military Trail. A guide to numbered signposts on this historic one-mile trail
Millbrook Village Map & Guide

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