Features: Customs & Lifeways

Most of the features below were first published in the park's newsletters, Spanning the Gap (STG, 1985 to 2007) or Guide to the Gap (GTG, 2011 - ), or appeared in the National Park Service's CRM (Cultural Resource Management) Magazine (CRM). For related page in this website for each feature, look up the feature under
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Native American People and Colonial American People (under Collections)


Colonial and Early American Lifeways
Cultural Connections ( STG: Summer 1998 Vol. 18 No. 2) Archeological evidence of human settlement within the park's boundaries in prehistoric and colonial times.
Maple Sugaring at Millbrook Village. Background of the late winter event.
Additional material
Map and Guide to Millbrook Village
Military Trail Guide to numbered signposts on this historic one-mile trail
Additional material
Who is buried in the slave cemetery?

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