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Most of the features below were first published in the park's newsletter, Spanning the Gap (STG) or in the Cultural Resource Management magazine, CRM. STG and CRM features are pdf files.

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Curation/Preservation of Artifacts


Collections and Archeology of Native American Peoples
Cultural Connections ( STG: Summer 1998 Vol. 18 No. 2) Archeological evidence of human settlement within the park's boundaries in prehistoric and colonial times. Includes drawings of Native American artifacts and lifeways.
Archeologist Herbert Kraft (under People: Individuals)
Archeology in the Minisink Today (STG: Summer 2003 Vol. 25 No. 2) Over 100 years of archeological activity in what is now a national landmark area.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Archeology in a National Recreation Area CRM (Cultural Resource Management) Magazine: Saved from the Dam Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Issue (Vol. 25 No.3 2002)


The entire issue of CRM (Cultural Resources) Magazine Vol. 23 No. 1 2000 Dam Good Archeology was dedicated to the Cultural Resources Program of the Bureau of Reclamation, including archeology at reclamation sites such as dams.

ARPA Archeological Resources Protection Act 1979 (16USC 470aa-mm)
Minisink Archeological Site | National Park Service Archeology Program

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