• Fulmer Falls at George W. Childs Park

    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

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  • Hornbecks Creek Trail Partial Closure

    The trail is closed between the first and second waterfall; a portion of the trail has sloughed off, causing a hazardous condition. The first waterfall is accessible from the 209 trailhead and the second waterfall is accessible from Emory Road.

Features: Individuals

Most of the features below were first published in the park's newsletters, Spanning the Gap (STG, 1985 to 2007) or Guide to the Gap (GTG, 2011 - ), or appeared in the National Park Service's CRM (Cultural Resource Management) Magazine (CRM). For related page in this website for each feature, look up the feature under
NEWS: Park Newspaper>Archive of Back Issues, by year (STG or GTG), or under
NEWS: Park Newspaper>CRM Magazine, by topic


Artist's Perspective (Penny Ross) (under Stories: Language and the Arts)
VIP Treatment (STG: Spring 1997 Vol. 19, No. 1) A summer as a park volunteer in historic preservation.
Park Profiles: Philsopher Charles Peirce (1839-1914) (STG: Fall 2000 Vol. 22 No. 3) Mathematician and pragmatist philosopher Charles Peirce lived at Arisbe, a historic home now within the recreation area.
Additional Material
A Biography of Charles Peirce
Park Profiles: Archeologist Haerbert Kraft (1927-2000) (STG: Spring 2001 Vol. 23 No. 1) Two remembrances of Professor Kraft, a specialist in Lenape (Delaware) culture.
Park Profiles: Metal Crafts Artist Marie Zimmermann (1879-1972) (STG: Spring 2002 Vol. 24 No. 1) The artist in her retirement years at her farm near Milford PA.
Additional material
Photo Gallery: Works of Marie Zimmermann
Photo Gallery: Marie Zimmermann House and Farm
Living Treasure Interview: A Life along the River: Ruth Jones (STG: Winter 2004/2005 Vol. 26, No. 2) A conversation with the owner of Kittatinny Canoes and founder of the Delaware River Clean-up.
Additional Material
The On and Under the Delaware Clean-Up (under People: Groups)
Photo Gallery: Delaware River Clean-Up
Living Treasure Interview: A Life in this Valley: Nancy Shukaitis (STG: Summer/Fall 2005 Vol. 27 No. 1) The founder of the Delaware Valley Conservation Association, a local activist group against the Tocks Island Dam project.
Additional Material
Photo Gallery: In her Own Words ... Nancy Shuklaitis. Landscapes from her life and her part in the struggle against the Tocks Island Dam.
Photo Gallery: The Flood of 1955 Snapshotsfrom the park's collection
Visiting Treasures: Clyde and Nikki Butcher (STG: Summer/Fall 2006 Vol. 28 No. 1) Photographers who visited the park.
Emplyee Spotlight: Deputy Superintendent Doyle Nelson Retires (STG: Summer/Fall 2006 Vol. 28 No. 1) Former Grand Teton and Yosemite ranger.
Living Treasures: A Life in History: Len Peck (STG: Summer 2007 Vol. 29 No. 1) The 97-year-old preservationist and park volunteer.
Employee Spotlight: Warren Dean (STG: Summer 2007 Vol. 29 No. 1) A talk with the 30 year veteran of the park.

Did You Know?

A ranger testing water quality in a stream.

... that the Middle Delaware River exceeds ordinary federal standards for clean water. Because of this, special higher standards have been set for the river, so it does not "deteriorate" to being just "clean enough." The river in this park is, and will remain, truly "cleaner than clean." More...