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Devils Tower National Monument General Management Plan

DevilsTower National Monument

General Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement

Crook County, Wyoming
November 2001


The Devils Tower National Monument General Management Plan is available in PDF format. These are large files and Acrobat Reader must be installed.

General Management Plan Text 837 KB
Maps for Alternatives 1 - 5 227 KB
Letters from Interested Parties
Environment Protection Agency 200 KB
Department of Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service 58 KB
Crow Tribal Council 113 KB
State of Wyoming, Office of Federal Land Policy 46 KB
Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resource, State Historic Preservation Office 36 KB
Crook County Commissioners Office 61 KB
National Parks Conservation Association 250 KB
Appendixes C, D, and F 1960KB
Map for Appendix E 80 KB

Did You Know?

News Clips of George Hopkins stranded on Devils Tower

As a publicity stunt, George Hopkins parachuted onto Devils Tower on October 1, 1941. He was stranded for six days before he could be rescued.