Curriculum Materials

Devils Tower National Monument (DTNM) is striving to provide curriculum support and focused activities for students. These materials can be used for pre-visit/post-visit activities for any program offered through DTNM. They can also be used as part of your own curriculum when studying any of the subject areas. The general topics cover the ecological, historical, cultural and geological components of the monument. Many of the materials provided not only pertain to DTNM, but also NE Wyoming, SE Montana, and the greater Black Hills area into W South Dakota.


Also check out our Other Resources, here you will find useful information that will help with exploration, learning about, and protecting our National Parks, including Devils Tower National Monument.


Below are some of the curriculum materials that have been developed. As lesson plans are developed, these materials will be found under "Lesson Plans and Teacher Guides". Programs are grouped K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and HS and include plans with topics in the following areas; Ecology, History, Culture, and Geology. Any of these materials can be adapted and used with any grade level even though they are listed under a suggested grade level.


K-2 ABC-Scavenger Hunt
K-2 Draw It Wild
K-2 DISCOVER: Mammals
K-2 DISCOVER: Snakes

More To Come

K-2 DISCOVER: Kiowa Legend
K-2 DISCOVER: American Indians
K-2 DISCOVER: Indian Legends


K-2 A Walk in Time


K-2 DISCOVER: Explore Devils Tower Game
K-2 DISCOVER: Visitor Safety, Poison Ivy
K-2 DISCOVER: Conservation Recycle
DISCOVER: Activity Answers



3-4 Habitat Hunt
3-4 Food For Thought, The Porcupine
3-4 Draw It Wild
3-4 Trees
3-4 DISCOVER: Mammals
3-4 DISCOVER: The Belle Fourche
3-4 DISCOVER: Birds
3-4 DISCOVER: Pine Forest
3-4 DISCOVER: Prairie Dog


3-4 Who Was That
3-4 DISCOVER: America's First
3-4 DISCOVER: Stranded
3-4 DISCOVER: The Ladder


3-4 What's In A Name
3-4 DISCOVER: Kiowa Legend
3-4 DISCOVER: American Indians
3-4 DISCOVER: Indian Legends


3-4 A Walk In Time
3-4 DISCOVER: Geology


3-4 Getting Up There
3-4 DISCOVER: Explore Devils Tower Game
3-4 DISCOVER: Visitor Safety, Poison Ivy
3-4 DISCOVER: Conservation Recycle
3-4 Welcome & Think
3-4 DISCOVER: What Is It-New Words
DISCOVER: Activity Answers



5-6 Habitat Hunt with GPS
5-6 Food For Thought, The Porcupine
5-6 Draw It Wild
5-6 Trees
5-6 DISCOVER: Mammals
5-6 DISCOVER: The Belle Fourche
5-6 DISCOVER: Birds
5-6 DISCOVER: Pine Forest
5-6 DISCOVER: Prairie Dog

5-6 Who Was That
5-6 DISCOVER: Stranded
5-6 DISCOVER: The Ladder
5-6 DISCOVER: Exploring & Homesteading


5-6 The Name
5-6 What's In A Name
5-6 DISCOVER: American Indians
5-6 DISCOVER: Indian Legends

5-6 A Walk In Time
5-6 DISCOVER: Geology


5-6 Welcome & Think
5-6 Getting Up There
5-6 DISCOVER:Climbing
5-6 DISCOVER: Visitor Safety, Poison Ivy
5-6 DISCOVER: Conservation Recycle
5-6 DISCOVER: What Is It-New Words
DISCOVER: Activity Answers



7-8 Draw It Wild
7-8 Trees
7-8 Food For Thought, The Porcupine
7-8 DISCOVER: Birds
7-8 DISCOVER: Mammals
7-8 DISCOVER: Pine Forest
7-8 DISCOVER: Prairie Dog

7-8 Who Was That

7-8 What's In A Name
7-8 DISCOVER: Indian Legends


7-8 A Walk In Time


7-8 Welcome & Think
7-8 Getting Up There
7-8 DISCOVER: Climbing
7-8 DISCOVER: Visitor Safety, Poison Ivy
7-8 DISCOVER: Conservation, Recycle
7-8 DISCOVER: What Is It-New Words
DISCOVER: Activity Answers

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