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    Devils Tower

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    The road from the park entrance to the visitor center is undergoing chip sealing before wintery conditions set in . Expect delays upto 15 minutes.

Self Guided

Teachers and students will enjoy any one of three trails offered at Devils Tower. Please see the Park Map (72 KB PDF) for exact trail locations.

The Tower Trail:
The 1.3 mile "Tower Trail" is by far the most popular with several waysides which include historical, geological, cultural and nature-related information. As the trail winds through the boulder field, the trail does narrow a little with some drop offs along the trail. Travel off the trail should be strictly controlled by adult chaperones.

The Joyner Ridge Trail:
This is a 1.5 mile walk with few waysides but lovely views of the Tower and a quieter atmosphere.
Suggested Activity: Scavenger Hunt (553 KB PDF)

Red Beds Trail:
If you have more time, this 3 mile trail offers students the opportunity to explore the different ecosystems with the Monument and also the opportunity to view the different layers of sediment that were exposed during the same time the tower was exposed.. Include time for the Visitor's center and lunch in the picnic area for a wonderful day's outing.
Suggested Activity: How was Devils Tower formed -sedimentary rocks
Pre-visit Activity - Watch the Power Point explaining Devils Tower Geology, "Geology of Devils Tower National Monument - Sedimentation" (7.99 MB PP), and do the activity, "How was Devils Tower formed -sedimentary rocks" (344 KB PDF)

Field Activity - "Study Devils Tower Geology - Sedimentation" handout with questions for observation (457 KB PDF)

Post-visit Activity - "Jeopardy - Devils Tower" (1.98 MB PP)

Did You Know?

Painting of large bear trying to climb Devils Tower

Over 20 tribes have a cultural affiliation with Devils Tower. Many tribes have stories about how the Tower was created. Most of the stories talk about a bear using its claws to score the Tower's sides.