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Map of the Florida De Soto Trail with list of kiosk sites.
The Florida De Soto Trail traces De Soto's march northward through Florida and his contact with Native American tribes along his route.The Trail contains 34 interpretive kiosks located in federal,state,county, and city greenspaces. Travel in the De Soto's footsteps and discover Florida's real treasures like E.G. Simmons park, Zephyrhills Depot museum, Santa fe College, Payne's Prairie Preserve State park, and many more. For more information and a list of all sites please visit www.floridadesototrail.com

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Hernando de Soto invested all he had in his 1539 expedition to Florida that ultimately covered 4,000 miles of what is now the Southeastern United States. During the four year expedition he found no rich empire to conquer, but he lost both his fortune and his life. Visit De Soto National Memorial. More...