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  • 37-Foot Vehicle Length Restriction on the Devils Postpile Access Road

    Devils Postpile has a limit of 37 feet for vehicles on the monument road. This may change during weather events, construction activities, vehicle congestion, or for safety reasons. Call or email for more information. More »

Getting Around

Most visitors to the monument enter the monument and the Reds Meadow Valley by using the mandatory shuttle bus. Ticket purchasing and shuttle bus boarding occurs near the Mammoth Mountain Adventure Center which is located near Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge. The shuttle bus will take visitors to any of ten bus stops in the valley including the Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls trailheads. For more detailed information on the shuttle bus and how to travel to the monument during the shuttle bus operating season, visit the shuttle bus page.

When the Devils Postpile/Reds Meadow Shuttle Bus is not running, you may drive your vehicle into the valley. Keep in mind that the road is narrow, steep, and descends almost 1,500 vertical feet from the Minaret Vista Station, where visitors pay a standard amenity fee of $10. Parking lots usually fill up by 11:00 a.m. during nice weather or on busy weekends. Planning your trips to arrive before 10:30 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m. will make it easier to find parking. The Devils Postpile Road currently has a vehicle length limit of 37 feet, for the short stretch of road going to the ranger station and campground.

Outside of regular shuttle bus operation, a free shuttle will be available to visitors on weekends in June and September. These buses will run between Devils Postpile and Reds Meadow Resort and will stop at all bus stops in between including the Rainbow Falls Trailhead. This will alleviate parking congestion and allow for more one way hiking options for fall visitors. Buses will run from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

There is currently a vehicle length restriction of 37 feet on the Devils Postpile spur road. This does not apply to the entirety of the Reds Meadow Road and larger vehicles may still access USFS campgrounds and facilities. There are a few options for visitors with long vehicles wishing to visit Devils Postpile.

Recreational Vehicles: For visitors with recreational vehicles or vehicle/trailer combinations longer than 37 feet that wish to camp in the Reds Meadow Valley, there are several U.S. Forest Service campgrounds all within 5-6 miles of Devils Postpile that can accommodate larger RVs. Visit www.fs.usda.gov/inyo for more information. Once you find a camping spot, the shuttle bus is free for in-valley transit. You can take the shuttle from your campground to Devils Postpile or the Rainbow Falls Trailhead for free. There is not adequate parking for large RVs at the monument after the shuttle bus season.

Commercial Tours: All commercial tours must apply for a commercial use authorization. If the commercial tour will be traveling in a vehicle longer than 37 feet, you must contact Eastern Sierra Transit Authority to arrange transportation into the monument for the tour. If the tour is arriving in a vehicle less than 37 feet, you still must apply for a commercial use authorization.

Educational Tours and Non-Profit Groups: If you're visiting Devils Postpile as part of a non-profit or educational tour, please visit the special use permit page to apply for a special use permit.

The area surrounding Devils Postpile is relatively easy to navigate using public transit. There are two primary transit providers.

Eastern Sierra Transit provides bus service to the monument (fee service), within the Town of Mammoth Lakes (free), and along the Sierra Crest from Ridgecrest to Reno (fee service). Visit Eastern Sierra Transit for more information.

Yosemite Area Regional Transportation Service (YARTS) provides transit from the Mammoth Area into Yosemite and to the West side of the Sierra (Mariposa area) for a fee. Contact YARTS for more information.

Backpackers: Combining the Reds Meadow/Devils Postpile shuttle with the free routes in Mammoth Lakes and/or the YARTS buses is the easiest way to get from the monument/Reds Meadow Valley to town or to Yosemite.

Did You Know?

The John Muir and Pacific Crest trails take hikers into the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

The John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails join into one trail in the monument. Many "through-hikers" take advantage of the shuttle system and other amenities at Devils Postpile to refuel and rest. More...