• Devils Postpile Formation

    Devils Postpile

    National Monument California

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  • Monument Open Until October 31, Visitor Services Limited this Fall

    Devils Postpile and the Reds Meadow Valley will be open until October 31, weather permitting. The shuttle bus is no longer running. Winter close down operations have begun. There is no longer potable water, but restrooms will be available until closing. More »

  • 37-Foot Vehicle Length Restriction on the Devils Postpile Access Road

    Devils Postpile has a limit of 37 feet for vehicles on the monument road. This may change during weather events, construction activities, vehicle congestion, or for safety reasons. Call or email for more information. More »

Driving and Road Safety

Extreme elevation changes over short distances mean valley roads are steep, narrow, and winding but filled with breathtaking vistas. So take your time! A few rules of the road greatly increase your chances of a safe and enjoyable drive.


When going downhill, put the gearshift in 1, 2, or L. The engine gets louder as it slows you down, but it will save your brakes from burning out.

Let others Pass

Slower vehicles should use paved turnouts to let traffic pass.


Avoid the oil buildup in the middle of uphill lanes and be aware that traffic may not be looking for motorcyclists.

Stay on Established Roads and Pull-outs

Park and travel on pavement or gravel roads only.


Gasoline is not sold within park and valley boundaries. Be sure to fill up in town before beginning your trip on Rt.203


Ride only on roads (not trails), single file with traffic, and wear light colors after dark. Speeds must not exceed those posted on the roads. People under 18 must wear a helmet and helments are strongly suggested for all.

Cell Phones

Service is spotty because of the great distance to cell towers and the rugged terrain. There are pays phone is available in the valley or ask a ranger.

More Information

Roads may close at any time due to snow and ice. If inclement weather is expected or during the spring and fall, call 760-934-2289 to check to see if the road is open.

Did You Know?

Black Bears are excellent tree climbers.

Black bears are commonly seen in Devils Postpile. Although they are not as active in winter months and spend much of this time in their dens, they could be seen any time of the year.