Spring Road Opening


Spring Road Opening (SRO) Update for: April 16, 2015

Road Open To: Mile 15, Savage River

Plow Crew Locations: Crews made it a little beyond Krier's Creek yesterday mile 65.1. They encountered an average amount of ice in the two drainages in that area and pushed on. The steam crew was dispatched directly to that location to get water moving. If all goes well the plows should make it to Eielson Visitors center by late this weekend. Once the crew is based out of Toklat progress will increase.

Steam Crew Locations: Ice at numerous locations along the road. Crew are reporting that the ice is cooperating and spirits are high.

Snow Depths: 10' is the deepest encountered as they broke through Stony cut and 3' was the the average on Stony flats.

Aufeis Depths: The ice has been receding with these warmer temps

Current Weather Forecast

Equipment Status: All is well. Thanks Autoshop.

Notes/Observations/Comments: If the weather cooperates, we are planning on opening the road to Teklanika (Mile 30) to the public by the morning of Saturday, April 18.

Wildlife Sightings: Two eagles, three ptarmigan, sixteen caribou, one lynx and twenty sheep.

Check out the photo galleries below for images of past and present Spring Road Openings; we also post photos on our Facebook page


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