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Spring Road Opening

image of mountains, forest, and thick ice frozen across a paved road
Aufeis is one of the major challenges during Spring Road Opening
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Spring Road Opening (SRO) Update for: March 31, 2015

Road Open To: Mile 15, Savage River

Plow Crew Locations: Today crews are working the ice in Igloo Canyon and have pushed their way to the top of Sable pass (mile 39). Ice is expected at mile 41 and should be encountered today. The dozer will rip the ice in that area and crews will be able to push their way down to East Fork Bridge over the next few days. Tomorrowis a crew overlap day and therefore a machinery maintenance day. Cutting edges will be replaced and will slow down the westward progress.

Steam Crew Locations: Ice at miles 4,5,7,17,20,21,36,37,41, and the roundabout. Please drive slowly as you pass the steam crew along side the road. The steam coming out of the machine makes visibility difficult and we don't want any accidents.

Snow Depths: Up to two (2) feet in some areas (39 mile) and 6'' as an average up to Igloo forest.

Aufeis Depths: 5' over the road at mile 36 and 37. Up to 8' in front of the culvert.

Current Weather Forecast

Equipment Status: Everything is running well. Scheduled maintenance day for tomorrow.


SRO is going well and is on schedule. Crews are in good spirits and the equipment is running well (Thanks Auto Shop staff).

Wildlife Sightings: On 3/27 1 coyote at Tek flats, Red squirrel in Igloo forest. On 3/28 1 Caribou at mile 11. On 3/29 24 Caribou on Tek flats.

Check out the photo galleries below for images of past and present Spring Road Openings; we also post photos on our Facebook page


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