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Spring Road Opening

image of mountains, forest, and thick ice frozen across a paved road
Aufeis is one of the major challenges during Spring Road Opening
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Spring Road Opening (SRO) Update for: April 28, 2014 (Final Update for 2014!)

Road Open To: Mile 30, Teklanika River Rest Stop

Current Plow Crew Locations: Done! The crew is moving equipment, unchaining loaders and graders and gathering all SRO gear.

Snow Depths: None

Aufeis Depths: None

Current Weather Forecast

Equipment Status: Transitioning to summer configurations

Notes/Observations/Comments: From Brad Ebel, West District Road Crew Foreman:

This has been one of the quickest SRO's on record and the first one I can remember finishing up in April. By all accounts the road is drying nicely. In the next couple of days we will be digging some test holes in our normal trouble areas to determine subgrade condition and stability.

It has been a huge privilege to have been part of 38 spring road openings, first as a green equipment operator in 1977 running a grader snow wing, then as a dozer operator leading an SRO team in friendly competition with Tim Taylor and his team on the opposite shift, and finally managing the SRO operation jointly with Tim. Working with Tim on SRO and in general was great fun and a huge privilege. I've been fortunate to get to see and do some incredible things on SRO and work with some great people and now it's time to step aside. Riley has things well in hand and I'm confident he'll evolve the operation as Tim and I did from the base that we were given all those years ago. Thanks!

Wildlife Sightings: A bear on Stony, eagles, sheep, caribou ... and a cow moose with a yearling calf outside the Road's office window this morning!

Check out the photo galleries below for images of past and present Spring Road Openings; we also post photos on our Facebook page


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