Spring Road Opening


Spring Road Opening (SRO) Update for: April 21, 2015

Road Open To: Mile 30, Teklanika River

Plow Crew Locations: The crews finished up the snow drifts from last weekends storm and made it to 70 mile pit yesterday. The snow is becoming increasingly heavier as the temperatures rise but crews are making good progress. The end is in sight but we're still 20 miles away.

Steam Crew Locations: Ice at miles 5,20,41,43,56 and Eagles Nest.

Snow Depths: Average 2' on the road, 4' in the ditch

Aufeis Depths: None!

Current Weather Forecast

Equipment Status: All is well. Thanks Autoshop.

Notes/Observations/Comments: Drive safe. There are a few soft spots on the dirt portion.

Wildlife Sightings: A plethora of sheep, and a bear. A bear in serious need of a bath.

Check out the photo galleries below for images of past and present Spring Road Openings; we also post photos on our Facebook page


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