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  • Road Open to: Mile 30 (Teklanika River)

    The Denali Park Road is currently open to Mile 30, Teklanika River. If wintry conditions occur, the road may close at some point closer to the park entrance. More »

Which Bus Should You Choose?

There are numerous ways to explore Denali, but the best way to see as much of the park as possible during a summer visit is by bus. There are several choices of bus trip in Denali, and picking one (or more) to take can be confusing.

This page aims to explore the differences between the various bus options. Immediately below is an interactive tool that will help you decide which trip is best for you. Lower on this page is a more simplistic chart with the same goal of helping you select the right bus trip for you.

ePlanner: Which Bus is Right for You?

This application is an interactive exploration of the various bus trips offered in Denali. It is arranged by a series of common visitor interests, offering bus suggestions for those wishing to view wildlife; to hike; etc.

Throughout the application, you'll see forward and backward arrows - click them to progress through the app.

Launch the application by clicking on the image below, or click here (6 MB).

A few technical notes:

For technical reasons*, this product uses Adobe Flash Player, which you can download for free from Adobe.

Again, this product is about 6 MB, so it could take several minutes to load on a non-broadband connection. Problems? Please contact us.
An image of Mount McKinley, seen from the Park Road
Click the image above to launch the application
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The chart below is a stripped-down version of the interactive feature above. Use it to determine the best bus trip or trips for you, based on what you wish to do while in Denali.

A chart showing the differences between various bus trips
Click the chart above to view a larger version of it.

Did You Know?

three brown snowshoe hares

Natural sound is a matter of life and death to animals relying on complex communications. Intrusions of noise can adversely impact some wildlife, and some visitors' experiences. Denali soundscapes have been monitored since 2000, to help park managers understand Denali's natural sounds