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    National Park & Preserve Alaska

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  • Road Open To: Mile 3 (Park Headquarters)

    The Park Road is currently open to Mile 3, Park Headquarters. Wintry conditions beyond that point prevent vehicle travel, though pedestrian travel is permitted. More »


closeup of a dog with a white muzzle, dark head and light blue eyes

Sultana, with an uncharacteristically patient expression, looms out of the darkness to say hello.

NPS photo

Sultana (F)

: 8/05/2006
Weight: 70 lbs
Climbing Routes Litter

Sultana was the only female from her litter, so as a pup growing up with eight brothers she quickly became the ringleader of the bunch. She is a cute, blue-eyed tom boy. Her tenacity and intelligence have made her a great lead dog since her first full winter in harness. Her only downfall is a lack of patience, which she will hopefully outgrow. In summer 2009 she gave birth to the volcano litter – some of the biggest pups the park kennels has seen!


Did You Know?

green forest in front of darker hills and a white capped mountain

Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska is over 6 million acres (9,419 square miles) in size!