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  • Road Open to: Mile 30 (Teklanika River)

    The Denali Park Road is currently open to Mile 30, Teklanika River. If wintry conditions occur, the road may close at some point closer to the park entrance. More »


Different lengths of snowshoes serve different purposes. On occasion, you may encounter very deep snow, where long, wide snowshoes are quite effective. Or, you may find yourself traveling along an existing trail, across rougher terrain, or through brushy areas. In these cases, a shorter shoe with an up-turned toe is better for quick traveling.

At Denali, we have a limited number of snowshoes for folks to borrow. There is no charge to use the shoes. You may check out a pair from the Winter Visitor Center.

Please be prepared for all conditions and contact us with any questions you may have about trail conditions and winter recreation in Denali. Also, please respect ski trails - walk to the side of ski tracks if you follow the same path that a skier has recently used, to avoid damaging their track.
A map of winter trails in the park entrance area
Click on the map above to download a pdf of winter trails in the park entrance area.
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Did You Know?

a green hillside and a brown scar denoting where a landslide occurred

Warmer temperatures have led to dramatic thawing of permafrost. Thaw releases carbon, as once-frozen materials decompose, but allows increased plant growth. Researchers in Denali are studying whether thawing permafrost will increase or decrease world-wide carbon emissions.