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Walking the Denali Park Road

boots sit alongside a gravel road near pink wildflowers and green plants

Resting boots within view of the park entrance sign

Lucy Tyrrell

Read Lucy Tyrrell's stories about section-hiking the Denali Park Road.

In 2013, for the seventh consecutive year, Denali's Research Administrator, walked the 92 miles of the park road--in sections or stages over the summer in her non-work time. Typically, for any given walk, she boards a shuttle bus west, walks 7-12 miles, and catches a bus back to the park entrance. She doesn't walk the sections in a particular order, and walks sometimes east to west, and sometimes west to east.

Stories from 2013 (one story posted for each section of the road)
Stories from 2012 (only one story posted)
Stories from 2011 (one story posted for each section of the road)

Do you want to walk the Denali Park Road too?
Walking the road is a great way to experience the park at your own pace if you are hesitant or don't have time to hike in Denali's trail-less wilderness.

Get off a shuttle bus and walk for some miles! Choose the section of road, and whether to walk west to east or east to west, with help from the road elevation profile. Ask a ranger or bus driver for suggestions. Know how to respect wildlife and stay safe. Bring water, snacks, warm clothes and rain gear, and a bus schedule.

Enjoy being on the one ribbon of road that winds through Denali's special wilderness.

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