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    National Park & Preserve Alaska


Nuna and a kennels volunteer

Nuna enjoying some attention from a volunteer at the kennels.

nps photo

Nuna (F)

: 9/7/2009
Weight: 66 lbs
Inupiaq Litter

Nuna is one of the strongest girls in the whole kennel. Already, she has broken two doors from jumping on them out of excitement for dinner. She and her sister, Aliqsi, are best friends and enjoy running together in team. We look forward to seeing where Nuna’s strength takes her!


Did You Know?

scenic image of a green plain bisected by a thin river, mountains and clouds in the distance

Cold temperatures limit trees from growing at high elevation in Denali. Warmer temperatures, however, have led to woody vegetation growing at ever-higher elevations. Treeline changes are a conspicuous sign of climate change.