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Kavik (m)

Kavik is the adopted brother of Nuna and Aliqsi. He is a racing dog from a kennel in Kotzebue who came to the kennels in April 2011.

He is a squirrelly young dog who has grown to love people and is fitting in quite well here at his new home. He is a very energetic dog who loves getting scratched behind the ears. Amusingly, he often wants to scratch right back and will nibble visitors hands in appreciation. We are hoping that Kavik will be a great lead dog and potential sire of future litters.

Inuit for Wolverine

Did You Know?

three brown snowshoe hares

Natural sound is a matter of life and death to animals relying on complex communications. Intrusions of noise can adversely impact some wildlife, and some visitors' experiences. Denali soundscapes have been monitored since 2000, to help park managers understand Denali's natural sounds