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Recent Weather Conditions and Current Climbing Activity

five people drag sleds across a snowfield, dwarfed by a massive snow-covered mountain in the distance
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The 2013 mountaineering season on Denali is now over, with the last of the climbers flying out of the Alaska Range on July 16. For the most part, 2013 was a fantastic season with few climbing-related emergencies, long stretches of warm, sunny weather, and a higher-than-average summit success rate. Click here for a quick view of daily Denali Weather Observations throughout the season including sky conditions, temperatures, wind speeds, and new precipitation.

Below are the final 2013 registration statistics and reported summit rates:

Climbing Statistics for the 2013 Season

Mt. McKinley

Mt. Foraker

Number of Registered Climbers



Climbers Currently On Mountain



Completed Climbs



Number of Summits



Summit Percentage



The Walter Harper Talkeetna Ranger Station registration staff also maintains a 24-hour mountaineering statistics line at (907)733-9127. During the spring season, the voice recording is updated daily with the number of registered climbers, the number of climbers currently on the mountain, and the total recorded summits for both Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker.

Other Mountaineering Statistics
For season-by-season mountaineering statistics such as summit attempts by route, nationalities, average age, percentage of women climbers, busiest summit days, and other interesting data, go to our annual mountaineering summaries.

Annual number of climbers on Mt. McKinley, 1903 to 2012

Historical timeline of important climbing 'firsts' and interesting ascents

Mountain Weather Observations

Did You Know?

snowy landscape and distant snow-covered mountain

Recent climate warming has affected Denali in ways that are readily apparent, such as reduced spring snowfall, earlier snowmelt, earlier green-up and thawing of permanent snowfields. Subarctic ecosystems, like Denali, are extremely sensitive to climate variability and change.