• pond surrounded by green brush, reflecting a distant range of snow-covered mountains that are dominated by one massive mountain


    National Park & Preserve Alaska



Chulitna cools off after a run.

nps photo

Chulitna (F)

Born: 06/08/2003
Weight: 62 lbs
River Litter

Chulitna shows natural leadership abilities and is a bright girl. She is very sweet and affectionate, the one dog who cannot ever get enough attention. In the wintertime, when she’s on the trail, she’s all business and has shown her strength as a lead dog. In the summertime, she can be counted on to cause some mischief in the team-- she knows it’s all for show.


Did You Know?

close view of Arnica, a small yellow flower

Over 650 species of flowering plants as well as many species of mosses, lichens, fungi, algae, and others grace the slopes and valleys of Denali.