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  • Road Open to: Mile 15 (Savage River)

    The Denali Park Road is open to Mile 15, Savage River. Conditions beyond this point prevent vehicle travel, though pedestrian travel is permitted. More »


For extended backcountry treks, you may only cache food and supplies in bear-proof food lockers located at any established campground, the Wilderness Access Center, Eielson Visitor Center, or the Toklat Road Camp.

Ask a ranger for specific locations and updates when obtaining your permit.

Label food/supplies with party name and date you intend to retrieve it.

The Wilderness Access Center has lockers for any gear that you need to leave at the entrance area. The cost for a locker is 50 cents. There is no charge for any other food locker in the park.

Denali National Park cannot be held responsible for caches that are tampered with or stolen.

Did You Know?

a green hillside and a brown scar denoting where a landslide occurred

Warmer temperatures have led to dramatic thawing of permafrost. Thaw releases carbon, as once-frozen materials decompose, but allows increased plant growth. Researchers in Denali are studying whether thawing permafrost will increase or decrease world-wide carbon emissions.