Denali Area Airports

This information is provided for reference only.

Always check current airport information in the Alaska Supplement, and by NOTAM/Local NOTAM/PIREP before your flight.

Airport Elevation 2190 feet
Runway Length 2100 feet, dirt and gravel.
Runways 04-22
Right hand traffic RWY 04/slope2%uphill north/dogleg approach due to mountainous terrain.
Left hand traffic RWY 22
Communications CTAF 122.9/RCO 122.5 (Kenai FSS)

Airport Elevation 1294 feet
Runway Length 2800 feet asphalt
Runways 15-33 Condition not monitored. Recommend visual inspection prior to use.
Communications CTAF 122.9/RCO122.4 (Fairbanks FSS)

Airport Elevation 1575 feet
Runway Length 1800 feet, dirt and gravel.
Right hand traffic RWY 28
Left hand traffic RWY10/slopes downhill 2%towards the west/dogleg at NW end.
Communications CTAF 122.9
Remarks: Unattended. Brush and trees on both sides rising abruptly. Camping unavailable at strip. To camp at Wonder Lake first obtain Backcountry Permit at Visitor Center near park entrance.

Airport Elevation 1720 feet
Runway Length 3000 feet, dirt and gravel.
Right hand traffic 34
Left hand traffic 16
Communications 122.9/RCO 122.1 (Fairbanks FSS)
Remarks: Unattended/approaches windshear activity Pedestrian traffic on RWY. Tent camping available at nearby Riley Creek Campground.

Airport Elevation 2050 feet
Runway Length 5000 feet
Runways 12-30
Communications CTAF 122.9
Remarks: Unattended. This is a private airstrip. Use permitted only with prior permission of the owner. Contact Denali Air.

Airport Elevation 2409 feet
Runway Length 3800 feet, dirt and gravel.
Runways 03-21
Communications CTAF 122.9/RCO 122.6 (Kenai FSS)
Remarks: Unattended/ Radio communication unreliable within 15 miles/ Possibly soft-wet.

Airport Elevation 358 feet
Runway Length 3500 feet Asphalt
Runways 18-36
Communications CTAF and FSS 123.6/RCO122.2/unicom123.0/ANC CTR/119.6/TWEB/116.2
Remarks: RWY not monitored. Flight Service Station on field.

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